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A new ad that ran in USA Today this morning is using Lindsay Lohan’s mugshot as part of their claim. Read about this shocking ad and view it in it’s full size after the jump.
The ad, which is aimed against the use of ignition interlocks in automobiles, which would require a driver to blow into a breathalyzer type device and prove no trace of alcohol before the car would be able to start, reads:

Ignition interlocks good idea for: {insert Lohan, repeat DUI offender mugshot here} But a bad idea for us: {insert innocent non celebs drinkers here}

Lohan was paid a big fat ZERO for the ad, because mugshots are public domain, usually released by local law enforcement especially in the case of celebs sort of like a press release. God bless free press!

What are your opinions on the ignition interlocks?? Good or bad idea?

Click here to view the full size ad


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