Somethings missing.

It’s Paris Hilton!  Benji Madden isn’t usually snapped without his girl by his side, but yesterday was a different story.

Benji was flyin solo as he met a friend out for coffee and a smoke in Hollywood.  Him and his brother Joel are about to hit the road again with their band Good Charlotte for the “Soundtrack to your summer tour 2008.”  (one thing is for certain, Good Charlotte will NOT be anywhere near the soundtrack to my summer!)

I encourage everyone to go to the shows not because the band is any good but because there’s probably a 75% chance you could see Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie at any given night on that tour.

The tour kicks off in Memphis on July 3rd and also features  Miley Cyrus’ brother’s band Metro Station.

In my opinion, they should stick to their clothing line and DJ’ing. full time. 


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