Inside job?

Katherine Heigl is getting a lot of critisism for opting out of this years Emmy awards and claiming that she “had no material worthy of submitting.” Could there be a reason for this?

It was back in the begining of May when reports surfaced that due to her big screen success in Knocked Up and 27 Dresses, Katherine Heigl was losing interest in her role of Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy.  Heigl supposedly was more interested in her career as a movie star and ready to be done with Greys.

Now a New York Magazine writer is suggesting that the Grey’s writers purposely wrote mediocre material for Heigl’s character as pay back for the slap in the face she gives them again and again.

The writer, Emma Rosenblum, wrote an open letter to Heigl suggesting the writers were doing this on purpose, and that they were trying to incorporate some of Heigl’s real life traits into her character, which she called “exasperating and intolerable” this past season.

Sure it sounds like a crazed fan rant, but it’s actually a very good point.  She might have bit the hand that fed her with her comment’s, and what goes around, comes around.  

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