One step closer to world domination.

It would take too long to list all of the media platforms that Perez Hilton has conquered.  But his newest feat is something brand new!

He’s basically the ruler of the internet, he’s done television, radio, a clothing line, discovered some of todays hottest music artists, and partnered with Pete Wentz in the opening of a night club.  But now Perez Hilton is taking over one of the worlds biggest media platforms, cell phones.

Perez launched  Gossip on the Go yesterday, by breaking the news of Charlie Sheen’s racist tirade on Denise Richards. This sort of technology is something brand new to cellular subscribers all over.  Many sites offer up to date news and info via SMS text message, for when your on the go and can’t be online or check your email.  But Perez decided that wasn’t good enough, and that  when big news happens, his fans are worthy enough of a phone call.

Here’s taken from his website

   When you sign up, we are going to call you on your phone to give you the breaking news, private invites, and all of the inside celebs news         when you join Gossip on the Go!

    This isn’t texting, we will CALL you on your phone as soon as celebs news happens.
We will call you at least 8 times a month (probably more! )

Gossip on the Go cost 4.99 per month and you can sign up over at

$4.99 a month is hardly worth it for news that won’t personally effect any of the subscribers that they couldn’t just wait until they returned home, but it’s a heck of an idea none the less, and people waste money on worse things than this. 

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