Helpful or Hurtful?

Most stars try their darndest to avoid the cover of US weekly, But for Presidential Candidate Barack Obama’s wife Michelle, she’s taking the Heidi Montag route.

Senator Barack Obama  is featured on the newest issue next to his wife, in a feature titled Michelle Obama: Why Barack Loves Her.

Because sometimes you just need to prove something to people who have no effect on your personal life…


No doubt the story Michelle Obama being a down-to-earth mom is a totally positive one. But this article being plastered next to  the mess we call “The Hogans”, The big fight between two friends on a really real “reality” show, and Brad Pitt’s obsession of having sex with pregnant women, just seems a little bit out of place.

Don’t forget that every time Barack looks at this cover he has to think to himself,  Hulk Hogan used to be an American Hero,  now  He’s stuck dating an imitation of his wife, who is dating schoolmate of their children, who are either in prison at the age of 17, or documenting a failed singing career on a crummy reality show.  Nothin’ like a glimpse into the future eh?

*Heidi Montag is (hopefully) scheduled to appear on next weeks cover with the title Why I’m Voting for John McCain:  The Week Michelle Obama and LC Stole My Cover Thunder

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