Kanye West, the man who brought us CD’s titled, The College Drop Out, Late Registration, and Graduation,  is enrolling himself into UAM.  The University of Anger Management.

Aside from being a successful hip hop artist, and soon to be shoe designer for Louis Vuitton, Kanye has been known to go off on an angry tirade or two.

There’s awards show snub rants, diggs at the President, blog rants aimed at disgruntled fans, pretty much anything he gets emotional about, and now he is going to try and better himself.

Anger management courses are a plan developed by his management team for two reasons, to help his personal psychological well-being and relationship with friends — and to aid him in snaring lucrative endorsement deals.

Apparently people are worried about how easy he will be to work with, and that his temper is going to cost him even more business relations, and friendships than it already has.

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