Zac Efron Wants To Reprise What Role?

Zac Efron loves musicals, and he wants to reprise the role of Danny Zuko in a remake of Grease. 

Efron, who starred alongside John Travolta in the 2007 blockbuster Hairspray says he’d only do it if Travolta, who played the character of Danny in the original Grease, was involved with it.  Says Efron;

‘”If John was involved I’d do it. But without his consent there’s no way I could ever attempt a role like that.

That’s too hard, he’s just too cool. He’s a stud!’ I love musicals! I’ve noticed that various movie studios want to get involved with making musicals,
and I think it’s great.

They’re making a comeback and so I think there should be more in the pipeline. Any time there’s a musical, I’m up for being on board. It’s fun.”

Bad. Idea.  Move on please.

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