Lindsay and Sam Want Kids!?

Word on the streets is that Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson want to have a child together.  News of the World out of the UK is reporting that the pair are serious enough to be having these discussions, and they do not want to adopt.

Though it’s not been proven, I’m going to go out on a limb and say these two would not be able to produce naturally, but when there’s a will, theres a way.

Apparently Linds might turn to one of her former flames to give her the business if the plan ends up going forward.  A source close to the couple reports;

“Lindsay is in a very happy place at the moment. She’s been having deep discussions about a baby.

“She wants a natural birth and has spoken to Sam about getting one of her ex-boyfriends to help out. They don’t want to adopt.”

The possibilitys of ex-boyfriends is nearly endless.  So to choose one would be impossible, though I’m rooting for Joe Francis!   Heres the list of all the people Linds has dated F’d

Hopefully, for the sake of a child, this baby buzz… is just buzz.

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