Spears at VMA’s: HOT & Mildly Dissapointing.

Britney Spears‘ return to the VMA’s last night has me on the fence, and I could be here for a while.  Most importantly, she looked GREAT. She’s back in perfect shape, her hair looked good, she just looked like someone who is in the middle of an amazing comeback.

Her bit with Jonah Hill was funny!  Her opening of the show was just fine.  They said she wasn’t going to perform, and she didn’t.  No false hope, no disappointments.   Britney is back!

This is where I’m torn.  Spears won her first 3 VMA’s last night.  Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, and Video of the Year. I found this to be nothing but a pity party.

There is absolutely no way Britney Spears can win 3 VMA’s including the highest honor for a song off of a cd that is not referred to as her best work.

Spears has been nominated 16 times before, during her glory days, and never won. For her to sweep last night means one of two things.

1- The show is FIXED, FIXED, FIXED.

2- America, including myself, is rooting for Britney to make a comeback, as are the VMA voters, and this was their way of saying “let me help you with that.”

Piece of Me is good, don’t get me wrong, but not this good.

Did I mention she looked HOT! tho.

p.s. I hate Larry Rudolph.

Shoulda went for it!

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