Lindsay Lohan Pulls A Kanye. Now With VIDEO!

Lindsay Lohan pulled a Kanye West while in NYC on Sunday. She popped a photographer right in the nose!

Lindsay reportedly tripped over a steel gate and then blamed a photographer for tripping her and proceeded to punch him right in the face.

Lindsay was on her phone at the time and was heard walking away saying “oh my god I just hit a paparazzi.”

No charges were filed. She must hit like a girl.

Here’s a video of the aftermath moments after the hit from StupidFamousPeople.  You can hear Lindsay saying she just hit a paparazzi while being escorted into the building.

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One Response to Lindsay Lohan Pulls A Kanye. Now With VIDEO!

  1. September 15, 2008 at 4:12 pm #

    We have some exclusive videos of this incident in NYC and we’ve posted them on youtube for everyone to enjoy — — check out Lindsay Lohan paparazzi punch, and also the Samantha Ronson’s mother video. They’re awesome! And feel free to embed them in any future posts if you’d like to share them with your readers. Cheers! ~Stupid Famous People~

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