Michael Lohan Is Talking Again…

Michael Lohan seemed to have quieted down for a while following all the drama he had with Lindsay and Samantha just a couple weeks ago, but now the drama-filled dad is yapping again.

Yesterday it was reported that Barack Obama pretty much just didn’t want Lindsay’s help at raising funds for his campaign, and while Linds has yet to say anything regarding the situation via her own blog, Michael has taken the time to stick up for his daughter by reaching out to a celebs news source, saying;

“Everyone is entitled to an opinion and so is Obama and his staff. Then again, you know what they say about opinions.

“Unfortunately, for them, to make such a comment about my daughter was a big mistake… Look at Angelina Jolie and the wonderful things she has done in her life, and now watch how Lindsay does the same.”

Looks like B.O. may have lost himself one supporter here.  How dare he refuse funds raised in the name of Lohan!

But honestly Michael… Angelina?    Seriously?

In other Michael Lohan news, he’s still apparently trying to get that celebrity boxing match going to raise money for charity.  K-fed must have said no or still hasn’t responded because reportedly Michael has turned his latest attention to boxing Perez Hilton.

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