Lindsay and Sam are Idiots!

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were denied entry to an LA bar last night.  Sure, celebs get denied all the time, for numerous reasons, but this one is their own darn fault!

Lindsay and Sam tried to enjoy a quiet evening at Melrose bar, The Snake Pit, but when they couldn’t produce identification to the doorman, they weren’t permitted in.

Sure, they were obviously Lindsay and Sam, and I’m sure they are used to walking around without ID and rarely needing to use it. (I mean come on, how often does someone who looks like that, date someone who looks like that.)  But why would anyone ever leave home without an ID?  It’s useful for so many more things than just getting into a bar.

It’s also something small you can slip in your pocket, so serves hem right, celebs or not.

You wanna be regular people, play by the regular peoples rules.

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