Paris to Palin: “Welcome to the Lower 48, Girlfriend.”

Paris Hilton has managed to keep her name relevant during this entire Presidential election.  Ever since John McCain name dropped her in one of his Barack Obama smear ads, she’s all but put her name on the actual ballot.

Two videos for, and now an Presidential interview in Harpers Bazaar magazine where she answers some tough questions regarding how she’d spend her first term as President.  Check out an excerpt below;

Harper’s Bazaar: How would you describe your presidential style?

Paris Hilton: I pledge to support the American workforce by wearing only American designers: Calvin Klein between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Donna Karan the rest of the year. Unless I wake up and the day is screaming for me to put on a bikini for my fellow Americans. Country first.

HB: Who will be your vice president?

PH: Rihanna, of course. She’s hot.

HB:How do you intend to redecorate the White House?

PH: In these trying economic times, I believe the White House should have a minimalist touch: open floor plan, glass and steel, throw pillows, and an infinity pool.

HB: What are your entertaining plans?

PH: The inaugural balls will be replaced with an inaugural Rock Band party. For expert-level players only. Don’t even think about getting on drums. I play drums.

Naturally, the magazines final question was whether or not Paris had any fashion tips for Governor Sarah Palin.  Paris’ response;

“My advice to Sarah Palin is, you’ve got a hot bod; don’t keep it to yourself. Why wear a pantsuit when you can wear a swimsuit? Welcome to the Lower 48, girlfriend.”

If Paris honestly came up with the answers to these questions, she is smart, witty, funny, and everything I never thought she would be.  Vote for PH!

Check out a video of the photo shoot at Harpers Bazaar. Or read on to check it out here.

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