Tiz Would Be All For a Paparazzi Uniform.

Ashley Tisdale recently told Access Hollywood in an interview of one scary experience she had when a photographer pushed the limits.

Theres always a few bad seeds, but Tisdale tells the news mag; “They broke in, they came into my home before. They don’t want middle America to know this is what they do to try and get pictures.”

She claims the offender broke into her house and followed her stylist down the hallway, though  she was able to call the police and they arrived quickly.

How does Ashley think they could protect celebs safeties? She says;  “I wish they had badges,  it could be a random stalker. They’re like 40-year-old men following us girls around.”

Kind of raises a good point.  Someone who actually does have other motives besides taking photos only has to lug around a camera and they are immediately considered to be ok.

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