“Joe” is the New Black.

“Joe” has become the celebs in the 2008 Presidential Election, and I’m definitely not talking about Joe Biden.

First there was the Joe Six-pack’s, then Senator Biden’s friend Joey from the gas station who couldn’t afford a whole tank that he brought up during the VP debate, now there’s this man, the only one that’s probably actually real, Joe the Plumber.

Joe Wurzelbacher is a plumber from Toledo, Ohio, who first came about when he asked Barack Obama face to face why he wanted to keep him from living the American Dream with his tax hikes for those who make over $250,000.

Doesn’t Joe Wurzelbacher know it’s patriotic to pay higher taxes??

Anyhow,  Joe the Plumber came up about 30 times last night in the third debate between Barack Obama and John Mccain.

Above is a picture from the Toledo Blade of Joe Wurzelbacher watching the debate.  It had to be set up though, because they got the image of “Joe the Plumber” perfectly with the couch bought from craigslist, the coffee table from the neighbors trash pile, his McDonalds cup, and his Marlboro lights.

If that combination doesn’t spell O-H-I-O then I don’t know what does.

Anyhow, congrats to Joe Wurzelbacher, a true Joe Six-pack, and a true celebs for the next 3 weeks.

Photo via: Toledo Blade

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