Kim Kardashian Makes Dreams Come True.

I hated to admit being a little softy, but stories like this I just feel need to be shared.

Kim posted on her official blog a story about a young boy she met a one of her boyfriend Reggie Bush‘s games last weekend.

Despite a fever or 109 degrees and having to wear a large breathing mask, the child wasn’t going to miss going to watch Reggie play knowing that he only had about two weeks to live.

When the childs mother spotted Kim, she told her the sitch and asked if Kim would take a picture with her son.  Kim, being the angel that she is did all that and more!  She took the young boy down to the family area after the game to let him personally meet Reggie Himself.

This kinda stuff makes me love Kim even more than I already do!

You can read more about it on Kim’s page, but you can chek out a couple of photos below.

Photos via: Kim Kardashian.

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