Courtney Love: Merry ChristMESS

Courntey Love is no stranger to being a drunk blogger.  At least we’ll call it drunk for the sake of not knowing.  Anyways, she posted some Christmas cheer on her myspace blog  to discuss an incident where Rob Kardashian punched one of her employees in the face and slurred hateful words at him.

When I first read this I assumed it took place like two nights ago or something.  Then she updated to tell that it took place back in September!

What a random time to update about it right?

Check out the wackness below! Warning: It’s hard to read but it’s unfair to only show you the readable parts.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

not so hot: hate crimes

hi kids, if you are expecting Santa to read you a bedtime story on this new blog, think again! what i am about to direct is something many of you can relate to, and hopefully are disgusted by..which is the icky trend of straight heterosexual males who commit hate crimes that are secretly in the closet, yes, Rob Kardashian the son of the discgr3aceful Robert Kardashian who represented a cold blooded murderer and made lots and lots of money..well rob jr cold socked and punched my employee right in his face for no reason and broke his nose after my GUY was hanging out with his pal Brody Jenner one night outside hyde lounge closed, then right after yelling the words “FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT!” Rob JR punched my guys in the face. My guy has 3 witnesses who saw rob jump out of the SUV and because of the fact that he works for me, a woman of power, you broke his nose and caused blood to shed, well lets fast forward shall we…the guy who works for me did not file a police report that night cause he did not need tmz’s camera’s outside this trendy nightclub to cause any more FUCKERY to what was suppose to be a birthday celebration, instead he came back to LAPD later and they told him to fold up his police report into a origami and hang it on his door.
My point is LAPD, you guys are such lovely folks, i would like to invite you in for some egg nog but i just ran out and i am too busy learning the art of origami since you are ignoring any of my calls for help or helping a young alone not wealthy gay boy who had the shit beat out of him by the son of a lawyer who was a disgrace to his profession, who should have been disbarred,. oh i am sorry not a lawyer, a banker.. i wonder what it is about Paris that makes you always respond so fast, is it because you can be LIVE ON TMZ? .. my point is, someone came to you, because of a hate crime and you made fun of him and made him feel like shit. I dont’ find blood running out of someone’s nose because of their sexuality funny, the staff member at Hyde can attest to this as she brought him in to wipe the blood off his face and clean him up. Let me be inviting to you my darling rob because i am SUCH A BIG FAN OF HATE CRIMES and homophobic fruit cake assholes like you this around this holiday season, It’s all about self acceptance and particular in your case the acceptance of your own homosexuality, Lets be pals and go shopping at The Grove and go “STRAIGHT” to Ab and Fitch store while the techno music blasts really loud and find you a tight tee shirt for our big night at Rage in Weho, lets ditch these trendy B list clubs and lets dance dance dance where we can be free, and drink cosmos and have no one make fun of us, you can also wear your sisters underwear, I promise I will keep it a secret, but first let me invite you over and lets have a Mac Cosmetics Dazzleglass date night cause what you really need rob kardashian is a pair of lips jeans that flair out at the bottom to accentuate your sexy curvy hips and i hear the carman miranda look is in for 2009, so maybe we can put a some fresh bananas in your hair, which will be tied in pigtails or a scrunchy, ( I still have some ) We will put double fake eyelashes on from Pat Fields and red glitter six inch heels that I am sure she will make to accommodate your lovely feminine feet and i am in possession of a giant anal plug that was tossed to me with a wink by a dyke on a bike at last years weho gay pride parade which was a blast you missed out rob and will be a bigger blast this year once you come out, maybe me and you can be on a float together, you do the flamenco and I’ll drive, darn we waited and waited and we waited to hear from your buddy Brody Jenner for a apology or you rob of some sort, but no apologies or anything, I am tired of these little punks bullies that go party jumping around these clubs with your daddies dirty money and punch people in the faces after getting shit faced wasted! Well i think instead of taking that banana and putting it in your hair rob, let me shove one up your ass slowly and gently, i’ll even lube it, and make sure it’s not too ripe, if you want i’ll even use plantains., that way you can feel what it feels like to get fucked in the ass by a piece of fruit and you will feel the sweet sweet release rob of coming into your own TRUE self! maybe one day when someone punches you in the face and you go running to LAPD, they will tell you to take a some Origami lessons down at the learning annex and to remove your mascara from crying….caused thats NOT HOT!
Thank god for the Malibu Sheriff dept, Thank god for New York! Thank god for London, because the “Hills” are dead dead dead honey with homophobes running around these days
PS Rodney King sends his regards!
happy holidays kids and remember
hate crimes and homophobia is NOT HOT!
Kourtney Love Kobain
p.s Rob throw away your Nirvana cd’s i will not allow you to listen to Kurts music nor my music, instead throw on the Mama Mia soundtrack and dance rob! dance you know you want it! work it! feel it sista girlfriend! own it! be it! embrace it! Love ya

update: this date this incident took place 2:20 am September 14, 2008 after.. Hyde Lounge closed early Sunday morning , my employee who got punched by rob and yes we have witnesses who can and will identify him, Brody was fine, he was actually quite nice to my employee and posed for pictures with his new girlfriend outside Hyde Lounge that my employee took.
My employee has on record a email to my manager about the incident right after the incident, photos of his broken nose which took 2 months to heal, he is better now just so you guys now and thanks for all the support. I did not find out about this til recently because he ( my employee) knows I don’t take fucking shit and I will go to my blogs if i have to make my point, however he went to LAPD and they were really rude to me crazy if you want, but violence is not cool kids, especially towards people i care and who are loyal to me, given be a friend or a employee, I defend and protect the people I love and trust and that’s my point!
to quote the infamous line from the classic film MOMMIE DEAREST
“Don’t FUCK with me FELLAS…this ain’t my first time at the RODEO…”

O Rly?

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