Hilary Clinton Enlists Bon Jovi to Help Pay Off Debt.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has one more stop.  A fund raiser to help her pay off the campaign debt that she was left with after being defeated by Barack Obama, who went on to become the President-elect.

As of last month, Hil’s campaign debt stood at 6.3 million dollars, and in a bid to pay it all off before she becomes President Obama’s secretary of state, she’s holding a fund raiser in New York City, with a special performance by Bon Jovi.

The event is being titled “a final evening in support of Hillary Clinton for President Debt Relief,” and ticket prices range from $75 to $1,000.

What I’d like to know is.. in these tough financial times, why are we letting people run up 6.3 million dollar debts?  Aren’t the contributions given during the campaign enough that the candidates shouldn’t have to run up more to come up with later?

Couldn’t 6.3 million dollars have went to something more useful than a lost presidential campaign?

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