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Hilary Clinton Enlists Bon Jovi to Help Pay Off Debt.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has one more stop.  A fund raiser to help her pay off the campaign debt that she was left with after being defeated by Barack Obama, who went on to become the President-elect. As of last month, Hil’s campaign debt stood at 6.3 million dollars, and in a bid to pay […]

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Hillary Clinton on Youtube

She’s not looking very well, these days, must be all the campaigning. . .but I just found this highly inspirational speech I just had to share!

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Jack wants you to vote for Hillary Clinton!

I kinda get it. . .It’s a little bizarre. . .but I think it gets the point across.  The important thing is that “we the people” start getting involved in this whole process!  ASK QUESTIONS!  QUESTION AUTHORITY!  Make up your own mind, and VOTE! 

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Barack vs. Hillary

They both just keep swinging, and slinging! It’s almost impossible to keep up! I am still on the fence, I hate to admit it. I love to exercise my right to vote, but this is really cutting it close and it’s getting down to the wire. Oprah supports Barack, now America Ferrera is rallying behind […]

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