New Courtney Love Album Backed by 30 Mil in Sponsorships.

Some people just have too much money to throw around! Courtney Love’s latest album, Nobody’s Daughter, was supposed to be released on January 1st, but has been pushed back until next month because of some high dollar sponsorship deals.

Who knew CD’s got sponsorship deals?

She tried to explain the situation on her blog, but nobody in the world could understand what she was babbling about, it was a site administrator that cleared it all up with everyone.

The admin writes, “The artwork is pretty much done. Courtney has $30 million in sponsorships, from a prominent feminine hygiene/menstrual company and a prominent tequila company. And Courtney doesn’t even understand that part!”

Soooo does that mean we’re going to see something like a woman covered in tampons drinking Jose Cuervo straight from the bottle?

But really, Courtney Love is worth at least 15 million of your dollars?

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