Sharon Osbourne: No Love for Leno.

Sharon Osbourne’s holding a big grudge against Jay Leno because she thinks he has banned her family from being a part of his show.

Considering when artists promote a new show, movie, or CD they usually make the late show rounds I find this hard to believe, but when for some reason somebody asked Sharon O if she’d appear on Jay Leno’s new talk show on NBC this fall, she replied no way! Saying;

He had always been a friend of ours, but then Ozzy went and performed on Jimmy Kimmel, and Jay has banned us ever since. So [bleep] him!… I will go to Letterman or Kimmel. I am not going on Leno. Thank God, I don’t have to sell anything like a movie or a drama series.”

Reps for NBC are denying these claims, saying they already had Sharon on the show after Ozzy appeared on Kimmel, and they have reached out to Ozzy multiple times since then to appear as well.

NBC’s story sounds a little more convincing than Sharon’s, but maybe that’s just me…

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