Spencer Pratt, a Bruiser?

Apparently you don’t mess with a Pratt woman and get away with it.  At least thats what an ex boyfriend of Spencer Pratt’s sis, Stephanie, recently found out when he was introduced to the Spencer Pratt fists of fury at an LA night spot.

Spencer Pratt reportedly spotted  Stephanie Pratt ex and sometimes popper upper on The Hills, Cameron Huston at LA club Coco Deville, and approached the wannabe actor, who recently dumped Pratt’s sis.

Witnesses on the scene tell Star, after 10 minutes of arguing over a bunch of he said/she  said, Pratt lost it and popped Huston right  “Cameron had to be taken to a local hospital. There was blood; there was screaming. It was a major scene.”

Huston was said to be recovering inside his home all weekend. Most likely, he was embarrassed that Spencer Pratt just beat him up, and refused to exit his home!

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2 Responses to Spencer Pratt, a Bruiser?

  1. April 15, 2009 at 2:23 am #

    Spencer is a tool!! Why can’t he fight a real man and not a little bitch ass boy like Cameron.


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