Ashton Kutcher and Perez Hilton Get Verbal On Twitter.


Just as Ashton Kutcher posted his maybe/maybe not joke video complaining about his neighbors building of their “fort” at 7am every morning waking him up from his beauty sleep, Perez Hilton posted the story on his site, and not shockingly included some jabs about Ashton’s career.

Well both stars are frequent Twitter users now, and both view each others feeds, so when a friend of Ashton (or aplusk in twit land) left a message on his page asking if he “saw what queen bitch perez wrote about him today,” Ashton responded that he didn’t, because he “boycotts that whore bait.”

What Ashton didn’t know, or didn’t care about, was that Perez was watching, and quickly shot back.  Twitter is a little confusing but I managed to map out their conversation for you in the order that it occured, check it out below.


Soo, is “come by for dinner some night and I’ll show how much she loves it” fighting words? Or is it like, come by for dinner and I’ll show you Rumers secret I hate Perez room  which resembles Ray Finkle’s anti Dan Marino room from Ace Ventura?

Will there be a dinner date?  I guess I’ll keep my eyes on Twitter for everyone.

I do know this though, Myspace is now a ghost town, and Facebook is reigning amongst social networks, but celebs are turning to Twitter to keep up with their famous friends.

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