Angie Everhart Having Sleazy Ex’s Baby?


Pregnant model/actress  Angie Everhart is carrying the child of a former lover who she once accused of domestic abuse if some tabloid reports are correct.

Everhart was once dating a no-name actor named Chad Stansbury after a long relationship with Joe Pesci, but the relationship turned sour last July when Everhart called the police claiming that Stansbury choked her at her West Hollywood home.

She reportedly got back with the abuser sometime around October and that’s when she was rumored to have gotten pregnant.

Some sources are claiming that she’s keeping the fathers identity a secret to help gain publicity for her new show, but his friends are reportedly saying that she’s keeping it a secret incase he’s not the father, so she saves herself from embarassment.

Stansbury is apparently the father to a 17 year old from a previous relationship, but word on the streets is that as a father he’s about as useless as a mouthless dog in a frisbee contest.

If that’s the case, hopefully its not him!

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