Confessions of a Diet Cheater.


Confessions of a Shopaholic star Isla Fisher had to endure a strict diet while preparing for the just released film, and apparently she had a bunch of trouble sticking to it.

So much trouble that she almost brought her trainer to tears.

Fisher admits in a recent interview;

“He wanted to come round (to my house) every single day and I couldn’t have that. So I got it down to three times a week, but he was all about lifestyle. There was a list of things I couldn’t eat – it was so long, there was nothing left that I could eat! It was awful.”

“I had to lead this double life where I was pretending I was being really good, when secretly I had cakes stuffed in my anorak pockets and I had to shove them into my mouth when he was turned the other way. One time, I’d eaten already French fries and a hamburger and had a really awful day. I confessed that I’d eaten one bread roll – I lied about everything else – and he almost cried.

“And I thought, ‘Oh no, imagine if he had any idea what I was actually getting up to behind his back!'”

She never looked bad enough to need a super strict diet if you ask me, those Maxm photos don’t lie!!!

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