Spears Ex Probably Going Away for a While.


Britney Spears’ father Jamie  has went to great lenghts to get restraining orders against her ex boyfriend Adnan Ghalib and former manager Sam Lutfi, but he could end up getting a lot more than he bargained for.

As reported about a week ago, while a process server was trying to deliver the papers to Ghalib, he tried to run the man over with his car, forcing the server to jump on the hood only to be thrown off and onto the pavement.

Ghalib has now been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and hit and run.

Add em together and you get, screwed!

As for the restraining orders, the Spears’ and Lutfi have been in court this week trying to debate the situation, as its been reported that a Spears nanny caught Britney making calls on pre-paid phones that were rumored to have been sent over from Ghalib and Lutfi.  Jamie Spears currently monitors all of Britney’s incoming and outgoing phone calls.

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