50 Cent Vows to Stop Joking About Chris and Rihanna.

50 cent

50 Cent has made a vow to stop poking any sort of fun at the Chris Brown and Rihanna attack after finally seeing the photo of Rihanna’s face post attack.

Not that there was really anything funny to joke about before the photo emerged, but the severity of her injuries were unknown up until the photo leak, and rumors have been known to exaggarate things in the past.

Fifty tells MTV News, “After I saw the photograph, that wasn’t funny anymore. I didn’t have any information on it. You’re just going on what the public actually had. It shifts the whole thing. Even if you’re saying you’re in a dysfunctional relationship, I understand that.”

He goes on to say he wont take shots at Chris, or side with Rihanna, but the whole ting is “really not cool.”

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