Lindsay Lohan Might be Too Into Chace Crawford.


Speaking of Lindsay Lohan, it’s being reported that she’s got such a jones for Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, you could easily mistake her for the rest of the obsessed fan girls.

During NY Fashion Week, she was spotted leaving Crawford’s apartment at 6 am, which later turned into the rumor that she had just showed up there unannounced, and that she was asked to leave immediately.

So just how into Chace Crawford is Lindsay Lohan?

sources tell In Touch Weekly that Chace was in LA this past weekend for the Oscars, and Lindsay found out where he was going to be and stalked him down.  The source claims,  “Lindsay waited in the lobby for him to arrive. When he got there, she ran up to him. But he didn’t seem happy to see her or interested in what she was saying. He walked inside, where he avoided her and hung out with his friends.”

Also, according to some of Lindsay’s  friends, Lindsay thinks Chace is so hot. Every time she’s in New York, Chace will literally get 50 texts from her, asking him to hang out.

What does Samantha think about Lindsay’s little obsession?

Can’t be too good for their bromance.

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