Lisa Rinna to Show off Her Lips in Playboy.


Lisa ‘puffy lips’ Rinna will be showing off her old ass body in an upcoming issue of Playboy Magazine.

Rinna is confident that her nude spread will be a treat for the male readers and recently had this to say,

“I want to encourage other women to be proud of their bodies no matter what age or size. After doing Dancing with the Stars, I definitely have a better body now than I did 11 years ago.”

Okay so her body is in better shape at 45 than at 34, but has she looked in the mirror at her face?  Did anyone else see her on the TV Guide Oscar pre show?  I thought her baloon cheeks were going to fly away.

Hopefully the issue is filled with some other hotties so all you subscribers don’t feel jipped!

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One Response to Lisa Rinna to Show off Her Lips in Playboy.

  1. June 28, 2009 at 4:13 pm #

    If you check out the photoshoot, she certainly shows off her lips, the ones between her legs – amazing.

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