Please, No!


As previously mentioned, The Twilight Saga is going to be seeking it’s third director for the third film, Eclipse, due to the studio’s plan to rush it out by June 2010, and there’s one name at the top of the rumor list that needs to GTFO the top of the rumor list.

According to EW, Summet Entertainment is speaking with Drew Barrymore about the job!

Drew’s directorial debut, Whip It, starring Juno’s Ellen Page, is set to be released some time soon.

Maybe she actually can direct, as we have nothing to go by yet, but this series of films needs no big names attached.  It is creating big names for it’s young stars, and they should not be overshadowed by a director who was in ET.

If you are bigger than 90210, you shouldn’t even be allowed at anything Twilight related.

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