Jo-Blows Box Office Flop.


At this time last week, there was anticipation that the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience was going to open HUGE in the box office this past weekend, even perhaps surpassing the $31-million that  2008’s  Hannah Montana 3D Concert movie brought in during it’s limited release opening weekend.

Well the numbers are in, and they are u-g-l-y!!

The Jonas Brothers brought in a slim 12.7 million during opening weekend, falling second to  Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail, which enjoyed it’s second weekend at number one.

Disney blames the small numbers on a limited number of 3D equipt theaters, but says they are happy with the results.

Disney must have not been informed that My Bloody Valentine 3D opened with about $20-million of their $27-million opening weekend coming from 3D screen sales, even though it’s a horror movie that you have to be 17+ to see, and it had the stiff competition of Notorious and Paul Blart.

The Jo-Bro film’s target audience would have been children too young to go to the theater by themselves therefore requiring at least one extra ticket sale for parental supervision.

That should be figured into the math!

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