Rihanna and Chris Brown in Studio Together?


Are you sick of these two yet?  Us too!   It’s being reported that Chris Brown and Rihanna are both back in the studio working on a track together for Brown’s new album with an Atlanta producer in Santa Monica.

Brown reportedly feels as if thats the only way to save his own career, by having Rihanna join him on a track to show that everything is fine and beautiful between them.

Unfortunately, I dont think the fans will agree, and this will more or less tarnish Rihanna’s career in stead.

There will come a point when people wont feel bad anymore.

Oprah is even running a special on domestic violence this week, “for all the Rihanna’s in the world.”   The big O has spoke out on this situation saying if they hit you once, they’ll hit you again.

If there is a time to forgive and forget for fans, when is it?

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