NY Man Faces Jail Time For Trying to Sell Paris’ Phone.


A Manhattan hotel manager has learned the hard way that you should not sell other peoples property.

Marc Marrouche could be facing a year in prison if convicted when he faces charges of criminal possession and stolen property, all because posted an ad on Craigslist that he was selling one of Paris Hilton’s lost phones with the asking price of $5,000.

Paris lost the phone in NYC back in 2005 and Marrouche’s girlfriend found it.  It’s assumed that they kept it as a momento for the past few years, and then now that times are tough, tried to sell it to make a quick buck.

Unfortunately, there is no ammount of new info on a Paris Hilton phone that would make it worth more than shipping and handling.  It was an undercover officer who answered his ad!

Could Marrouche be the brains behind a bunch of those old time Paris Hilton cell phone camera leaks from the 05/06 time frame?

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