House at the End of the Drive is a Haunting Take on a Tale You May be Familiar With.


StarzLife had the opportunity to check out a sneak peek at the upcoming ghost story thriller film House at the End of the Drive recently, and what better way to check out a scary movie than in the actual house it takes place in, which happens to be frequented by the spirits of those who inspired the film.

Producer David Oman built his home on Celio Drive in Beverly Hills back in 2002 with a knowledge of what went down at the “end of the drive” in the late 60’s, but he never imagined who might be paying a visit in the near future.  The house at the end of the drive was the scene of one of one of Hollywoods most famous and bloodiest murder sprees at the hands of Charles Manson and his followers that took the lives of Sharon Tate and four others.

Over the past seven years Oman has had many experiences with paranormal activity in the house, that was first documented by construction workers who were building the home and would hear footsteps and voices towards the end of a days work, when nobody else was around.

Between the cold spots, the things literally going bump in the night, and voices, Oman has decided to have many paranormal investigators, including the Sci-Fi channel’s Ghost Hunters out to visit his home, all who consider it like nothing they have ever seen before. One world famous parapsychologist even dubbed Oman’s  house the “Mount Everest of Haunted Houses” and “The Disneyland for the Dead” due to the extremely high Electro Magnetic Field readings recorded at the home.

Oman wrote the film based off of some of his real life experiences, mixed with some fictional back story tying in events based on the 1969 murders, and took a big risk to finance, film, and produce the entire movie himself, which is something you don’t see too often in this town.

While visiting Oman’s home to view the film, I personally had some odd occurrences, including the screening room lights being turned on mid movie with nobody else present, and witnessing a figurine being knocked over.

The 40th anniversary of the Tate murders is coming up on August 9th, and Oman is ready for the world to see his film, which features the incredibly hot hot hot Jessica Szhor, who you know by now as “V” from Gossip Girl.

Check out for info about the film, and visit to learn more about the back story of the actual film.

Look out for this one as it could be coming at you sooner than you think.  You don’t want to miss it!

Also check out some ghost video shot at David Oman’s house below.  Freaky shit!!

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