Cowell Confirms What We Already Knew.


Simon Cowell is clearing up the rumors that he may be leaving American Idol after the news sent fans into a frenzy this past week about his possible departure.

Cowell recently said the rough travel schedule between here and the UK may force him to leave one of his three shows in the future, with AI being the most likely because it’s the only one in the US and his contract expiring after next season.

Fans obviously didn’t read the fine print or got things mixed up while passing it along the telephone wire because Cowell had to come out and address the rumors and clear it up that he wouldnt be leaving the show.

At least not until after next season when the contract expires, Cowell explains, to which he will then assess his situation and decide upon leaving or staying  a part of America’s number one rated television show.

Soo basically he just confirmed what the original reports already said, America just needs to calm down, re-read and not get their panties in a twist.

If Cowell does leave the show after next year though, bye bye to the ratings!

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