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Who’s it Gonna Be America?

We’re less than 2 hours away from the American Idol finale!  So who’s it going to be? Kris Allen or Adam Lambert? Most online polls and search engine trends would suggest that Adam is the winner by a country mile, but  vote predictor dialidol.com, who has known to be correct a bunch and incorrect a […]

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Just Got Back from the Idol Finale…

StarzLife just home from the final performance show of American Idol.  Those of you on the East coast saw it, those on the West are tuned in right now. Adam Lambert rocked!!  And to be fair.. Kris Allen did as well! How wack was Kara’s song though??   Sorry Kara.. but FAIL. Don’t forget to vote […]

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Bold AI Prediction!

Naturally, Adam Lambert owned the night on American Idol last night,  but StarzLife is going to make a bold prediction right now, this morning, at 11:19 AM PT and say that Kris Allen’s rendition of Kanye West’s Heartless will push him through to the finale next week. Karaoke Gokey had a solid night performance wise […]

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Did Idol Rock on Rock Night?

In a word, Yes. On the final four performance episode of American Idol last night, two of the contestants brought their A game, and the others were just there. Thankfully, Idol producers were using their thinking caps in pairing off Adam and Alison for the shows first ever series of duets. As we probably don’t […]

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Idol Fans Unite.

With just four contestants left on American Idol, it would appear that it’s still anybodies game.  (Besides the fact Adam Lambert has the deal sealed pretty much) An Idol fan site, VoteForTheWorst.com has selected  Danny ‘Karaoke’ Gokey as it’s pick for the competition this week with the reasoning of; Danny Gokey is the least talented […]

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Is Kara DioGuardi Headed for the Door?

Her presence on American Idol is getting mixed reviews this season.  From the fact that listening to 4 judges per singer is a little tiring, to the fact that having four judges speak after each song caused America’s DVR crowd to miss an Adam Lambert performance a few weeks back, it’ll be interesting to see […]

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Cowell Confirms What We Already Knew.

Simon Cowell is clearing up the rumors that he may be leaving American Idol after the news sent fans into a frenzy this past week about his possible departure. Cowell recently said the rough travel schedule between here and the UK may force him to leave one of his three shows in the future, with […]

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Osbournes Getting Bitten by Idol Bug.

Tonight was to be the spectacular premiere of The Osbournes new one hour variety show on Fox following American Idol, but just as quick as you can say SHARONNNN, the show has been nearly cut in half! The Idol top 9 performance show has now been upgraded to an hour and twenty five minutes, which […]

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XXX Idol.

Has anyone ever had a voting mishap while trying to vote for their favorite contestant on American Idol?  Would you consider trying to vote for Sanjaya but getting a hot phone sex operator on the line a mishap or a gift from god? Well AI just found out the hard way that you have to […]

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Idol’s Vegas Odds are in.

The first batch of odds from Las Vegas for season 8 of American Idol are in, and as I called it two weeks ago, Adam Lambert is the heavy favorite. They aren’t calling this as the order of eliminations, because fans will go wild and skew votes, but check out the odds below to see […]

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