Idol Fans Unite.


With just four contestants left on American Idol, it would appear that it’s still anybodies game.  (Besides the fact Adam Lambert has the deal sealed pretty much)

An Idol fan site, has selected  Danny ‘Karaoke’ Gokey as it’s pick for the competition this week with the reasoning of;

Danny Gokey is the least talented person left on the show and the perfect pick to make people angry. He’s the worst singer, he’s the worst dancer, he’s the most annoying, he adds nothing creative to any performance he does, he’s the one the tweens seem to hate the most, he has no sense of humor, the only reason he made it this far is because he used his dead wife sob story, and he’s the least marketable.

Actually, that description couldn’t be any more dead on, but unlike VFTW, we want to urge people to NOT vote for Danny Jokey.

He does have a few fans it would seem, so there’s only one way we can all come together and make an Adam Kris and Alison final three.

First off, Vote for Adam a million times tomorrow night.  You want him to win, we want him to win, and as you saw last week, anything can happen so don’t just assume he’s safe and other people are voting.

Second:  Vote for Kris and Alison alot as well.  If you vote for Adam (or your first choice ) 10 times.   Vote for the other two at least 5 times.

Third:  Vote as much as you can in the alotted two hours to make sure Hokey Pokey Gokey gets sent packing.

If next week there is a Kris, Alison, Adam final three.. everyone can get back to their regular voting habits, but more importantly than seeing your favorite stay this week is making sure your second and third choice of Adam/Kris/Alison is also sticking around as well.

*If it’s any consolation, the VFTW pick has been cast off the show for a few weeks in a row now, so hopefuly that holds true.

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