Osbournes Getting Bitten by Idol Bug.


Tonight was to be the spectacular premiere of The Osbournes new one hour variety show on Fox following American Idol, but just as quick as you can say SHARONNNN, the show has been nearly cut in half!

The Idol top 9 performance show has now been upgraded to an hour and twenty five minutes, which will break through into the 10 o clock hour, leaving the Osbournes with jsut 35 mins to air their premiere.

The good news for the Osbournes is, by 10:25, television viewers will be too late to catch their 10 o clock shows, and will be more likely to give the Osbournes a try since they will have a few minutes to decide before switching it over to Nick at Nite at 10:30.

It can’t hurt the ratings, but it can hurt the morale of Ozzys family right?  Then again, when you are handed the pimp spot after America’s number one show, you do whatever they say!

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