Bold AI Prediction!

Naturally, Adam Lambert owned the night on American Idol last night,  but StarzLife is going to make a bold prediction right now, this morning, at 11:19 AM PT and say that Kris Allen’s rendition of Kanye West’s Heartless will push him through to the finale next week.

Karaoke Gokey had a solid night performance wise according to the judges, and Kris may have fumbled the judges choice due to some ill advising from Randy and Kara, but his personal choice of taking something current and making it his own was the smartest choice he has made all season.

If America gets it right tonight,  We have an Adam vs. Kris showdown next weekend.   Let me rephrase that.. not much of a show down, but they both will be there singing songs.

ps.  I know holding your digi cam in front of the tv screen is a YouTube copyright loop-hole.. but lets try and get it straight and steady people…

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