Did Idol Rock on Rock Night?


In a word, Yes.

On the final four performance episode of American Idol last night, two of the contestants brought their A game, and the others were just there.

Thankfully, Idol producers were using their thinking caps in pairing off Adam and Alison for the shows first ever series of duets.

As we probably don’t even have to mention, front runner Adam Lambert delivered another epic performance, and Alison Iriheta’s rendition of Janice Joplin was perfect for her.

Danny “Karaoke” Gokey and Kris Allen were a bit out of their element, especially in their duet, which was the ultimate snoozefest, but unfortunately we got a feeling both of them will end up safe tonight sending Alison home.

Let me just add though, if Danny Jokey is safe tonight, and Alison is sent home, it’s a crime!

Dialidol.com is suggesting that scenario, but the numbers are too close for any real prediction on which of the bottom three is going home.

Check out Adam and Alison’s performance of Slow Ride below.  Perf!!

Paula Abdul performs tonight during eliminations.  Might be best to not eat right before in case of vom!

Image via: American Idol

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