Lisa Rinna Says Swine Flu is So Last Season…


According to has-been actor Lisa Rinna, World, you are behind on the times.

The Swine Flu causing rage and panic over the past week with people taking precautionary measures such as shutting down schools and cancelling events, but ex Melrose Place/ new Melrose Place wanna-be Lisa Rinna claims that she was up on the virus way before it hit the streets.

Sort of like when you see someone like Kanye or Jay Z sporting a new pair of kicks that have yet to be released at the shoe stores.

Rinna claimed to Entertainment Tonight; I believe we all, except for myself, had the swine flu at our house… We had it before it came out… We had it at our house, I believe, and everyone is fine.

She claims to know it was the swine flu because the symptoms all matched up perfectly.  Caughing, nausea, fever, sore throat, diarreah, headache.

Oh well in that case, I first got the swine flu back in the 80s!

Stop trying to stay relevant by saying ridiculous things!!!

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