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Quote of the Day

“I did have swine flu, but it was just like any other flu I’ve had before. It was just a sore throat and I was in bed for a while, but it was quite scary when I was first told I had swine flu because of what’s been in the press.  I was like, ‘Am […]

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Katy Perry Doesn’t Fear the Swine Flu.

Is it too soon for Swine Flu jokes?  Not for Katy Perry. Or us! Perry blogged this week; “Since swine flu is super trendy I wanted to make sure I was in style with my swine flu ring!” to which she showed off a photo of a pig ring adding, “I got this one in […]

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Heidi & Seal’s Anniversary Plannes Scrapped by Swine.

Another victim of the Swine Flu is Heidi Klum and Seal’s anniversary celebration. Life & Style is reporting that each year the couple heads down to Mexico to renew their vows in celebration, but due to the outbreak of the H1N1 virus stemming from Mexico, thinking about border closings, their three young children, and the […]

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Jacko Cancells UK Trip Due to Swine Flu.

In anticipation for his residency at the O2 which will stretch for 50 shows, Michael Jackson was going to take a trip to the UK to go house hunting for his time there. Due to the recent Swine flu scare that is sweeping the nation, Jackson has had to cancel his trip where he planned […]

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Lisa Rinna Says Swine Flu is So Last Season…

According to has-been actor Lisa Rinna, World, you are behind on the times. The Swine Flu causing rage and panic over the past week with people taking precautionary measures such as shutting down schools and cancelling events, but ex Melrose Place/ new Melrose Place wanna-be Lisa Rinna claims that she was up on the virus […]

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Speaking of Swine Flu…

Medical officials have now changed the name from the Swine Flu to the H1N1 Virus. This is probably in hopes of getting people to shut up and stop freaking out about it by making it harder/more annoying to say. Swine flu has a catchy ring to it!

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Salma and Madonna Subject of Computer Swine.

Even internet hackers are jumping on the swine flu bandwagon.   A mass of emails with the subject “Madonna caught the swine flu” or “Salma Hayek caught the swine flu” have been making their way around the internet and tricking unsuspecting readers to open the message which contains a spyware. By downloading the spyware, the hackers […]

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