Katy Perry Doesn’t Fear the Swine Flu.


Is it too soon for Swine Flu jokes?  Not for Katy Perry. Or us!

Perry blogged this week; “Since swine flu is super trendy I wanted to make sure I was in style with my swine flu ring!” to which she showed off a photo of a pig ring adding, “I got this one in Miami… a flying piggy.”

She also writes of a recent conversation she had with her pet cat, citing her jealousy over all the other animals getting flu’s named after them: Kitty Purry was telling me the other night that she remembers when bird flu was in and now pig flu is cool and she wonders when kitty flu is gonna hit, as she would like to be more popular than she currently already is.”

I guess people who talk to their animals is not strange, but when the animals talk back you have to wonder!

In all serious, Katy’s right.  Swine Flu seems to be a bunch of hype.  In fact, new reports are suggesting that it’s no worse than the regular old flu!!!

With only one confirmed death in the US, Swine Flu seems not so serious any more.  Though those in the know do predict that a second wave will hit again sometime soon, maybe even bigger numbers, but is not something we should panic over.

Could April end up just being “Swine Flu Season?”  Put away your masks people!

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