Michael Vick Released from Jail.


Football superstar Michael Vick was released from prison this morning, but the Federal Bureau of Prisons can’t be pinned down to a specific time due to concerns about Vick’s security.

Vick will serve the remainder of his 23 month sentence in his 3,538 square foot home in Hampton, Virginia. Vick was jailed for his involvement with the Bad News Kennels dogfighting ring.

Vick was suspended from the NFL for his crimes and it is unclear whether he will be reinstated.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says that what Vick did was “not only illegal, but also cruel and reprehensible.”

Goodell went on to say that Vick would have to display remorse in order to be reinstated in the NFL. “Everyone makes mistakes, but he has to show that genuine remorse in his ability to be a positive influence to correct the things that he did wrong publicly.”

Vick, who is set to complete his sentence on July 20th, also has some other problems. The U.S. department of labor alleges that Vick illegally withdrew 1.3 million dollars from his pension fund in spite of his bankruptcy.

As with most celebs, we can expect Vick to mount a media blitz, presenting himself in a positive light.

By: Keely
StarzLife contributing writer.

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