Samantha Ronson Upset Over Gay Bashing at DJ Gig.


Samantha Ronson expected a recent DJ gig in Seattle, Washington to be business as usual, but when she witnessed a helpless girl get beaten  for an unnecessary reason, she became upset and decided to rant.

Ronson first posted the photo to her Twitter page, before resorting to a Myspace blog, which allows for you to express yourself in more than 140 characters.

Says Lindsay Lohan’s ex girlfriend;

“That picture above was taken after a girl was attacked at a party I DJ’d in Seattle, simply for being gay. It’s disgusting. No one should have to suffer any sort of attack, verbal or physical, for any reason. There are no excuses for violence – people say ‘well they’re just ignorant or uneducated’ – so what???”

“Unfortunately people are killed, beaten and attacked daily for a number of ridiculously irrational reasons. I’m not saying that everyone has to love everyone individually, I’m no hippie, but seriously people, no one should ever resort to violence. What if your sister, mother, brother or father were being pummeled for wearing a red sweater? Would you stand by and do nothing? Well, we are all someone’s child, sibling, or friend! Open your eyes!”

Not a big Sam fan, but she’s right here.  People in this day and age are still filled with hate unfortunately.  Why else would the California Supreme Court be upholding the ban on gay marriage as they did this afternoon.


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