Hills Cast Demands Apology from Paris


It’s on now!!  Spencer Pratt’s SILF, Stephanie, didn’t take too kindly to the harsh words Paris Hilton had to say about her “reality” show, The Hills, and is demanding an apology from the heiress.

She tells MTV News“Doug’s not even on the show, so I don’t even understand that. And in real life he is friends with those boys, so it’s not fake. I would never call her show dumb, so I think she should apologize.”

In a recent interview in NYC, Paris Hilton called The Hills fake, and lame.    Pot…Meet kettle.

Another Hills cast member, Frankie Delgado, also had some words for P. H.; “Some people … maybe their personalities are fake. They act fake on the show, but that’s what makes it dramatic. She should understand it’s all entertainment. It’s all business … Paris, it’s all business.”

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