Was it or Wasn’t it?

One moment of the MTV Movie Awards that might be more buzzed about than the New Moon trailer is when Sacha Baron Cohen’s character, Bruno, landed upside down spread eagle on Eminem’s face.
It was the night’s “was that scripted or not” moment, as Eminem seemed to freak out when Baron Cohen landed on his lap, screaming “are you f*ckin kidding me” and “get this guy the f*ck off me.”
Bruno joked back “is the real slim shady about to stand up?”
Em and his entourage fought off the comedian as he dangled from the rafters and quickly left the theater never to be seen again.
The blogs are buzzing this morning over whether or not the bit was scripted, or a complete surprise to Eminem, who performed two of his new singles earlier in the telecast, but no concrete evidence has came out yet to prove either way.
You would think Eminem would have to have some sort of sense of humor to allow that to happen, but Baron Cohen is known for his spontaneous comedic attacks on people that have no idea.
The only assumption to be made is that if it was not planned, Eminem’s entourage would have used much more force than just pushing Bruno out of the way a bunch.
Either way, it’s hilarious!!
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