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Jonah Hill Named in Multi Million Dollar ‘Bruno’ Suit

Funnyman Jonah Hill is the latest name to be included in a lawsuit against comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for his movie, Bruno. Hill, along with Jay Roach and David Letterman are just the latest of a long list to be named in the multi-million dollar suit. Ayman Abu Aita, a Palestinian grocer,  filed a multi-million […]

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Vassup! Being Sued is the New Coolest Thing! Bruno Gets Served

Sasha Baron Cohen is being sued for $110 million by one of the unwitting participants of his most recent film, Bruno. In both the film and its promotional push, the plaintiff, Ayman Abu Aita, is referred to as a “terrorist.” He claims he’s a “shopkeeper.” This one’s tricky. It’s completely possible that Sasha painted an […]

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Bruno Takes A Nose Dive At The Box Office

Gay Austrian superstar Bruno went down flaming this weekend. The controversial movie with swinging penises dropped 73% in ticket sales this weekend, a figure that was forecasted by industry experts after a spiraling opening weekend. When a movie goes down this fast in Hollyland, it signals the worst imaginable crime: No sequel. What do you […]

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It’s a Pogrom of One As Ukraine Runs Another Jew Out of the Country

Don’t go to the Ukraine to see Bruno. (If you’re in Los Angeles, try the Arclight. Matinees cost ten bucks but you’ll save more than that on plane fare.) A culture ministry commission concluded “Bruno” included an “artistically unjustified exhibition of sexual organs and sexual relations, homosexual acts in a blatantly graphic form, obscene language, […]

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Barbara Walters on Bruno: Explicit Porn!

While movie fans rushed to make Bruno the Number One movie in America this weekend, one woman was sitting in an air conditioned movie theater silently stewing. The View creator and co-host, Barbara Walters vented to a studio audience this morning: “There are close-ups of penises and pubic hair – with it wagging!” After simulating […]

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Edited “Bruno” to Bow Across the Pond With Less Sexytimes. Oh, Wait, That’s How Borat Talks

Universal Pictures UK is excising 110 seconds from Bruno so as to release it wider in the country that banned Reservoir Dogs but has nudity and profanity on primetime television. About the edits: Universal said movie theaters across the U.K. “have reported turning away large numbers of under 18’s keen to see the new film.” […]

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Bruno: Rags or Riches?

Sacha Baron Cohen, the mastermind behind Borat, has a new film with a similar one-word title. “Bruno” bows this weekend, and follows it’s Austrian gay fashion journalist title character on a journey to the United States, where he seems destined to offend everyone and maybe even start a riot. Many people have expressed concern over […]

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Bruno’s Today Show Breakdown

Check out Sacha Baron Cohen’s hilarious appearance on The Today Show with Matt Lauer this morning. Bruno opens up in theaters tomorrow. Ice Age 3 is going to win the weekend box office again this week, but as for new movies, Bruno only will have to compete against Hayden Panettiere’s  I Love You, Beth Cooper. […]

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Mark- Seliger-bruno-GQ-3[6]

Bruno Lands LA High School in Deep DooDoo

Sacha Baron Cohen convinced bosses at Birmingham High School in Van Nuys to let their football team pose for a series of photos with his alter ego, Bruno, for the latest issue of GQ magazine in which he was featured on the cover, and it’s got School district employees a bit upset. In the photos, […]

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Bruno Stole From the Weasel?

Comedian Pauly Shore isn’t laughing at comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. In fact, he’s about to take legal action against Bruno’s butt! Shore is claiming that a scene from Bruno, was swiped from his upcoming film, Adopted. In Bruno, the comedian adopts a child from Africa and picks him up at the airport baggage claim while […]

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