Ashton & Demi Throw Susan Boyle a Pity Party


Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore made such a big stink on Twitter about Susan Boyle from Britain’s got Talent on Twitter that they got flown out for the shows finale.

When Susan Boyle lost the finale of BGT to dance troop Diversity, the world was shocked. (Ahem, Lambert/Allen)

Well when Susan Boyle went mad and had to me admitted into a clinic after losing the show, Ashton and Demi decided to throw her a pity party.

The actor/actress couple have invited Boyle to the US to sing at a celebration for their wedding anniversary.

They are even offering $48,000 for the performance!

The decision, has to be cleared by Boyles doctors before she is able to travel for the performance though.

Waste of money alert!!

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