Miley Cyrus Honorary Jonas Brother?


Well no, but Miley Cyrus did record a duet with her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas about breakups.

Could this have been another factor in her breakup with Justin Gaston?

The song leaked onto the net this weekend, but nobody believed it was real, until Nick Jonas came out and admitted to teen magazine, Twist,  that the track was in fact real!

He explains;

“There’s two versions of the song basically, one that was written just for our record that we sang originally. And then I played it for Miley and we realized that if we just changed the lyrics a bit, we could make it more of our story, kind of share that side of us, and it could be great. So, we did. She came in and she and I sat down at the piano and just worked on lyrics a bit, tweaked it up, and it turned out great.”

Surely you can hear this mess if you search hard enough on the internet.

Loving 15/16 year olds writing about breakups like they were 25 and on the verge of marriage!

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One Response to Miley Cyrus Honorary Jonas Brother?

  1. July 4, 2009 at 9:35 am #

    What’s your problem !! That song is AMAZING !! Tbh i dont want Nick to date Miley, but if whoever wrote this was right infront of me now, I think I would knock you out. lol. Just coz you’re jelous coz you arent as talented as them, you’re just some skanky writers writing for some skanky pathetic website !! The only statement you’re making with this website is that you are PATHETIC and you have no taste in anything !!

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